i 22 auslandsjahr daenemarkmit eramus+ ein jahr in dänemarki 22 funded by EU

Im Rahmen einer Erasmus+ Langzeitmobilität verbrachte Amelie Mayer (6BS) ein ganzes Schuljahr an unserer Dänischen Partnerschule in Ikast – dabei machte sie unvergessliche Erfahrungen, von denen sie persönlich, schulisch sowie sportlich profitieren konnte. Life-long learning at its best! Aber lesen Sie selbst, was Amelie über ihre Erasmus+ Mobilität berichtet!

My year abroad

The last school year (2021/2022) I had the opportunity to spend the whole year in Denmark with the Erasmus+ program. To be more specific, I attended the Sportstar College in Ikast, which is connected to the “Ikast-Brande Gymnasium” where I went to school. Due to this cooperation, I had the opportunity to go to school and play handball at the local handball teams. The Sportstar College provided the room, food and access to a handball team. The school followed an Intertational Baccelaureat curriculum, or short, IB system, which is an international school system that requires schools to teach in English. I was very lucky to go there with the Erasmus+ program and take this one-time opportunity to live in another country.

Both the school and the college were great places for me to socialise and learn. At the college, which can partly be seen in the picture, I shared an apartment with three other girls, two of them were from Denmark and one girl was from Germany. In general, there were a lot of Danish but also some international people. All of them did different sports but the most common ones were football, handball and golf. Before my injury I had a lot of trainings at a local handball team as well as at the college. There I was able to meet a lot of new people and also get to know the Danish handball. All the other students living at the college had the same curriculum and it was great to talk to them at mealtimes. Though we never did much talking in the morning because we were all tired, dinner was almost always very funny and great to get to know everyone better.
At school, my class consisted of almost only international students. Everyone knew English very well and communication was barely a problem. My classmates were from all over the world. With that came a lot of different languages that were spoken. It was very helpful to also have some Danish friends who knew English because they helped a lot with learning the new language and adjust to the new school system. My other friends who spoke different languages also taught me some things in their mother tongue, which was really nice and a common thing for us to do in our free time. But obviously our main goal was to improve our skills in Danish as it was a daily part of our life. Another advantag of having Danish friends was that they were able to help me out whenever I needed their help. For example, when people talked too quickly for me to understand they translated it for me, which was sometimes essential. Danish is quite difficult to understand even though it has a lot of similarities to German. In the beginning it was definitely easier to read than to speak or understand, but through practice and listening to people around me I learned and adapted pretty quickly.
I had a lot of freedom this year as I was living alone and the Sportstar college has hardly any rules. With that came a lot of responsibilities I had to take care of. I had to buy food for myself during holidays, do my own laundry, clean my room and my bathroom and most of all: go to the hospital myself. If there was any problem, I had to deal with it myself or ask for help from supervisors if it was too much to handle. The most difficult part was being in another country and having to go to the hospital with a supervisor from the college I have only known for three months. I think I did handle this situation pretty well and my supervisor was very helpful. This was something I had never thought I would have to do but looking back it was just another experience I could learn from.
I can definitely say that I learned a lot from this year. It helped me become a more independent person and be more confident in my actions. I improved my social skills as I met so many new people from all over the world. I faced challenges which had to be solved by myself and learned from mistakes I had already made. I had to become more organised and look out a lot more for deadlines as well as myself. The only thing I am very sad about is that I couldn’t fully enjoy the Danish handball and I wasn’t able to make all the experiences that would have come with that.
I am sad to leave Denmark as it truly was a great experience and life changing. The facilities I had access to were great and the people I met along the way were even greater. I am excited to share a lot of stories and memories with my friends and family back home and to start playing handball again very soon.

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